• Stephanie Hansen-Boye

What is LAID BARE?

WELCOME to Laid Bare, home of facts and real conversations. We are Danielle & Stephanie, two moms bringing up six teens between us. We want nothing more than to raise conscious, kind, independent thinking beings who make well informed decisions. We are digging in to find truth and figure out how to share this with our kids to make the best impact. Our goal is to inform everyone who will listen. This is our small contribution to keeping our kids safe with the hope that all of their intimate and sexual relationships are safe, consentual, loving and making them the best they can be.


Our goals are simple...

1. We advocate for the protection of youth through age verification for adult content. 

2. We engage in open investigation and shared conversation about how to form healthy intimate relationships. 

Our work spotlights the best experts in the field alongside teens in a boots on the ground style. 

This blog is not just dedicated to sex but all things relating to healthy relationships. Be warned much of it is very open and frank discussion. We are not afraid of words like penis, erections, porn, vaginas/vulvas, or masturbation. You have been warned but we hope you poke around a bit anyway...your kids, sons and daughters, deserve it.

We are pro-equality, pro-freedom of speech, non-partisan, non-religious

-Blessings Stephanie + Danielle:)

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