• Stephanie Hansen-Boye

Violence & Sex: The Rise of Choking Girls

My 17 year old daughter shared with me a post that had been reposted by several hundred people on her social media. It said "CHOKE ME AND TELL ME I AM PRETTY". She said "mom, I think this will interest you." Of course, I know what porn portrays and as I always do I dug in...My stomach turned as I as I found more articles on the rise of aggressive sexual behavior that is getting normalized for young people today.

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PARENTS, I need to you to hear this. If you do not talk to your kids about sex and pornography you can not help them to navigate what to do if their future sexual partner pushes them to experiment with violence. While this may not be what they encounter as teens, it does show the changing attitudes and behaviors in the generations below us. You can do a google search on "choking during sex" and you will find articles promoting and telling viewers how to do it "safely". There are "how to" videos on youtube. And sadly you will also see that there are girls who have died because the choking went too far. PLEASE talk to them. HELP them to come up with safety plans if a sex partner becomes aggressive. Because many teens have been taught about sex via porn they erroneously believe that what they see is a depiction of healthy sex. If you do not talk to them, they do not know that many of the sex acts they see (or if they are not watching, their sex partner may have seen) in porn are not part of a healthy, loving, sexual, respectful relationship. Talk to them, when mainstream magazines are publishing stories about it you can rest assured it has hit mainstream social culture.

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