• Stephanie Hansen-Boye

Are You Man Enough??

Right now I am so grateful for my brilliant friend, Cindy Pierce ( for introducing me to the work and wisdom of Justin Baldoni. I LOVE his show "Man Enough" but, until now, I hadn't watched his TED talk. is powerful. I am watching in tears as I am so awed by his bravery and call to all men to not be afraid to embrace their vulnerability and redefine masculinity. Please watch...and show your sons so they know it is ok to not follow the masculine script that society has handed them. And watch with your daughters so they see an alternative to what society has taught them about boys and men. Let's stop putting people in boxes and following age old scripts and just be authentic to what we feel inside. Let's not be good men or women but good humans.

CLICK HERE or image above to go to talk:)

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