Laid Bare is a film that delves into the silent epidemic that has quietly swept across our culture infecting every aspect of society. Devastatingly, we are witnessing the first generation of children who have unfettered access to hard core porn, for free, in their pockets. Unfortunately, the majority of parents and educators are largely unaware of this. We have a medical community that is just beginning to see the fallout and only a select few are connecting the dots. The porn industry, a 97 billion dollar tech-savvy business is targeting our youth at a vulnerable, curious age. Laid Bare is a candid and secular exploration of first exposure to pornographic images at tender ages to daily porn habits that impact every aspect of life. Like drugs, porn is a substance that has the ability to rewire the brain. Viewers will witness how this affects academic achievement, social engagement, intimate relationships and mental health. Combining the powerful stories from teens with the insights from the world's leading experts the film powerfully exposes this sweeping public health epidemic.